Who Gives a Hoot

A series of Uloo-strations

Who Gives A Hoot is a series of Uloo-strations (owl in urdu). Each month Hoot, the owl, takes on a new character/theme. Every month represents an event or season for that time period. The platform the owl is designed for changes based on the theme of the month. This project is currently a WIP and will be completed by the end of December 2016. To view a few more illustrations please visit my behance page.

Project Overview

Owl illustrations

This project started as an in class t-shirt design assignment. Once I completed the assignment I had an obsession with owls and decided that I was going to start a personal project based off of them. The idea behind this project was too design an owl every month for two years with a different theme.

The Process

Research and sketches

When designing the owls I wanted to make sure that each owl was unique in all forms. Eyes, mouth, nose, wings, body etc. In order to make sure that I was able to achieve that I researched all sorts of different owls, realistic and illustrative. Once I did my research I sketched different shapes I would like to use and owl layouts depending on the theme.

The Challenges

Finding the right feel and time management

The most challenging part about this project was figuring out what the right theme/feel for the month was along with managing my time. There were a few months that had several options and figuring out which option was the best was tricky. At the same time because I was still in school finding the time to actually work on the owl each month became a big challenge for me, juggling the two was not easy.

The Solution

Designing for a variety of platforms

When I started off this project I had set my mind to making all my designs t-shirt desings. As I started researching and coming up with ideas for each month I slowly started to realize that not all the themes would work well as t-shirt designs, I needed to expand my horizon. I picked themes based on significant events during the month and personal preference. This helped me expand my platform horizon. Time management became tricky, there were times where I had to delay my designs and give greater importance to the right task.