A responsive fitness service website

4EverFit is a responsive SAAS website completed as an inclass assignment. The service provided by this website is a fitness service that helps users stay in shape and keep track of themselves. To view the original page please visit the 4EverFit website.

Project Overview

Creating a SAAS website

The idea behind this project was to create a multi-page website selling a fictional service. The three pages that we were required to build were: a main page, a pricing page and a sign-up page.

The Process

Research and sketches

When designing my website I started off with mind-mapping. This helped me think of topics and items that would be useful to have on my website. I wrote down anything and everything that popped up into my head regarding fitness. I created a moodboard to help me get a feel as to what direction I should go design wise and then I started prototyping.

The Challenges

Responsive layout

This website was the first responsive website I coded from scratch. It was challenging for me because I wasn't sure what the best approach was. I wasn't sure if I should start off coding for a big screen and then going down or vise versa.

The Solution

Trial and error

When I started coding my website I started designing for a large screen layout. I would alternate between my screen sizes as I was coding because I wanted to see what it looked like on all sizes. I soon came to realize that it was smarter and more efficient for me to design for a small screen first and move my way up.