Paw Tracker

A mobile app design for the ultimate Zoo experience

Paw Tracker is a Mobile App that was desgined for an inclass assignment. This app is the perfect app for zoo-goers. It helps you search events and animals and has and interactive map that can help point you in the right direction.

Project Overview

An app design that would be helpful for frequent users

The idea behind this project was to select from a list of topics chosen by a fellow classmate and design for Android. The topic I chose was an app that was meant to be used as a navigation/informational tool at the Zoo.

The Process

Research, sketches and user testing

This project was a little different. The research portion was already done by my fellow classmate and I had to take all of that information and use it to design an app. Never having done anything like this before was interesting. Although the research was done I did some more research just for myself. After going over the notes I began prototyping and user testing.

The Challenges

Designing for Android

The most challenging part of this project was designing for Android. It was the first time I was required to design for Android, it was like a whole new world. It's nothing like designing for iOS. I felt restricted and I wasn't use to that. Even though it was challenging it was a nice change and a great learning experience.

The Solution

Google Material Guidelines

The Google Materials Guideline was a life saver. If it wasn't for that I would definitely be lost. Although I was not used to the Android restrictions the guideline is actually the only reason I was able to stay on track. Having access to limited colour and design choices was different but the guideline did such a good job and giving all the necessary information that even though I was restricted I felt like I had accomplished and learned something new.