Maid In A Minute

The ideal organization app

Maid In A Minute is a fictional Mobile App that was designed for an in class assignment. It is an organization based app that was designed for everyday users.

Project Overview

An app design that would be helpful for everyday users

The idea behind this project was to create/design an app that would be helpful for everyday users. I chose to design an organization app for maids/cleaners. The concept of this app could essentially be applied to anyone, whether it be a student or a an adult pursuing their career.

The Process

Research, sketches and user testing

I started off this project by doing research and creating a moodboard. Once I had decided what direction I wanted to go in I started sketching prototypes and then ran a series of user testing.

The Challenges

Designing for one user

The most challenging part about this assignment was designing for one user. When I was designing I kept wanting to design for the client and the service provider. It created a lot of confusion and made the app more complex then needed.

The Solution

Picking one user

In the end the user I decided to stick to was the service provider. Picking just one user helped me simplify the app and make it a lot more user friendly.