Creating a safer environment for Sex Workers

TrackHER is an app designed to help make the experience for Sex Worker's safer. The app is designed to be a safety and tracking app. The end goal is to provide the user with two quick and easy options. 1. Informing the police when they are in danger and 2. Finding a safe haven around the area they are located in. Take Action Tody for a Safer Tomorrow.

Project Overview

An app design to help solve one of the 17 Global Goals

The idea behind this project was too design an app that would help solve one of the 17 Global Goals the World Leader committed to achieve over the next 15 years. The goal I chose to design an app for was Gender Equality. There are many topics that Gender Equality was trying to address. Of those many topics I chose the topic to Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation. This topic is what helped me decide to design an app for Sex Workers.

The Process

Research, sketches and user testing

When designing my app I started off by doing lots of research. I looked at apps that were similar, did some research on Sex Workers, prototyping and user testing. The process was thorough and lengthy. Researching the topic thoroughly helped me learn a lot about the topic at hand and made we want to go in depth with my app. While researching I found out that there were quite a few issues when it came to trafficking but the two main pain points were not being able to get help and reach to safety.

The Challenges

Making sure to address the pain points

The most challenging part about this project was limiting my app to the two main pain points. Researching the topic made me want to go more in depth with my app which led me to adding multiple unnecessary steps to a process. Doing that took away from the whole idea of making an app that was fast and reliable regarding safety and tracking.

The Solution

Designing a simple app

After conducting my user testing using my InVision interactive prototype I was able to improve and simplify my app. My peers were able to give me great feedback which helped me decrease the amount of steps taken by the user and helped me become successful in designing an app that was simple, fast, and reliable while being able to address the pain points of my users.