300 WMG

Elite training provided in Ottawa, Ontario

300 WMG is a professional fitness company that provides its clients with elite training. I was given the opportunity to brand the company.

Project Overview

To help brand the company

The goal behind this project was to help brand 300 WMG (World Management Group). The company was going for a strong Spartan kind of feel.

The Process

Research and sketches

The client provided me with a general idea as to where they wanted me to take their company, this helped me a lot when it came time for me to research. I follow the same process almost everytime I start a new project. I begin with mind mapping, then research and then I sketch.

The Challenges

Great client

Luckily I was blessed with a great client. They were easy to work with and very understanding. It was the first time I came across a situation in which I felt like I had no challenges.

The Solution

300 Stallion

After sketching and showing my client the options and then making some changes I was able to produce a logo that my client was happy with. They really liked it and felt like I captured what they were going for.